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  1. :-D I was totally a lazy writer! Now I am getting a lot better at getting things written without trouble of getting ‘blocked’. Thanks!

  2. Hey, Mr. S! I didn’t know you had a blog! This is awesome! I really hope I can make it to your workshops next year. Thanks for all you do – you don’t know how much of an impact you have on this young writer’s community! :)

  3. O, the EPIC Epicness! Reflecting on the bittersweetness of the workshop being over. I’m so glad that it happened, and sorry that it is over! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. S!!!! I was wanting to compose a poem about the epic workshop!

  4. So this is YOUR blog Mr. S! I’ve been seeing it on Story Girl’s blog, but I didn’t know whos it was! Yay! I’ll be following! God bless you!

  5. I had never heard of “Banned Books Week” until now. A few books come to mind that I would love to see banned; I recently ran into a book that I was thoroughly enjoying until I hit material totally inappropriate for anyone to read…ever. I could see wanting to ban books like that but like you said, the good, uplifting, CLEAN, books will be banned and not the disgusting, filthy, trashy stuff. It’s a good idea soon to be ruined by the overly-dramatic squeaky wheels in the world.

  6. Thanks! I liked Nation a lot, though the inherent contradiction in the theme left me frustrated…frustrated enough to blog about it!

  7. I thought your review of Nation was very insightful. I liked the book immensely! However, the author seems to be asserting that science has proven gods don’t exist and…using examples of gods to support this point? It didn’t make much sense to me in some respects, but it was a very enjoyable book!

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