All I can say is…WOW! Never have I seen a more in-depth, engaging, challenging and altogether FUN writing curriculum than this one.


Fantastic…I wish my high school teacher had used the One Year Adventure Novel.


Engages the student in a way that I have not ever seen in any other writing program.


Amazing, exciting, creative, enriching, well-organized, inspiring, wonderful.


I highly recommend the One-Year-Adventure-Novel. It is so enjoyable that my daughter would do this course only–and not her other school subjects–if I let her. Not only is OYAN fun for my students, but it is also easy for me as the home school teacher to keep up with and grade. … Great Course!


I am glad I got the One Year Adventure novel for my 17 yr. old daughter. This program has challenged and excited her like no others have in the past. She is writing like crazy and enjoying every minute of it! My dd’s only regret is not having started this program sooner.


This is the most creative and unique writing curriculum I have seen in my 15 years of homeschooling. Using the One Year Adventure Novel, my kids were able to get their ideas out of their heads and onto paper–something that was always a challenge for them. Love the program!


We are truly enjoying the One Year Adventure Novel. What a great way to engage students! Our 14-year-old is writing very interesting and creative scenes, as he learns the elements of a quality novel. The DVD presentations are top-notch. We recommend it to all budding writers, as well as reluctant writers.

Karen S.

This truly is an AMAZING program. My oldest was a reluctant writer, but she became so excited about writing after receiving the curriculum two years ago that she zipped through it in three months without any mention of doing writing from me. She has since written multiple novels and is constantly on the prowl for ideas. I have recommended this program to my friends and of all the kids that I know who have gone through the program, I have never heard a single negative word from the kids or their parents about the curriculum.


In the words of my daughter and two sons who are using OYAN for the current school year, this is the best English curriculum ever! Though all three were formerly reluctant writers, my teens are now joyfully engrossed in creating their first novels while independently honing their writing skills; amazed, I am enjoying the ride. Equally amazing is the depth of understanding OYAN has brought to my family’s appreciation and understanding of English literature. Dinner table discussions will never again be the same at our house.


OMGosh! “This is the most awesome course ever!” so says my teenage son. He is really turned on and engaged with this course. I had my doubts as to whether he would actually do the program. Now he asks to do it and he’s writing!!!! This is a superior product. The DVD lessons are short (about 15 minutes each) and entertaining. The textbook reinforces the lesson from the video and the workbook has the student put into practice what they just learned. What the student writes in the workbook will be used later to create their novel. I definitely recommend the One Year Adventure Novel for your teen.


I love that my son is excited about his story and fully engaged. No more dreadfully boring writing times. The instructional videos are informative, fun, and attractive. I even stop what I’m doing at my desk to watch. I enjoy Daniel Schwabauer’s skillfully wrought lessons and I would say this curriculum is about as good as it gets. The workbook assignments are to the point and fit exactly with the video presentation. The lessons are short and doable each day. I have home-schooled for 20 years and haven’t used curriculum this good since I can’t remember when! I can’t imagine why any homeschool parent or student wouldn’t love the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.


I thought you’d be encouraged to hear about the way I found out about your resources! I worked with a pair of siblings who were incredibly insightful and capable readers/writers for their age of 14 & 15. I was compelled to ask their mother what strategies/resources she’d used in the past to develop these strengths in her children. She immediately started raving about Cover Story and One Year Adventure Novel!