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Incredible course! Worth the money!

If you have a high schooler who is creative and is filled with great stories, but just cannot seem to finish a writing project, you have GOT to get this curriculum! Daniel Schwabauer is a great teacher and has lots of practical and helpful tips to make writing more meaningful and more interesting. Writing a novel is not so daunting with Mr. Schwabauer walking your student through the process step-by-step.

I got this class for my daughter, a gal who loves to read, has great story ideas, but never got past chapter one in any book she began.

If you would ask her the greatest things she learned from the class she would say that she now knows how to start a novel and that she can efficiently organize her thoughts into a workable format.

I think the most amazing part for me was what happened in my daughter’s CONFIDENCE as a writer and as a critical READER, believe it or not.

When her class was nearly completed, she was asked to provide input for a novel her friend was writing. I’ll never forget the conversation we had as she was formulating her response e-mail to her friend. I asked how his novel was—if she enjoyed it. She said it had a great premise, and that it had a lot of potential, but that it really needed more conflict. Of course, I was confused. Conflict isn’t a pleasant thing for most people. Then she began to explain to me how conflict affects a piece of writing and how necessary it is in order to bring about the emotional participation of the readers. She said it would make the difference between a classic and a book that was happy and fluffy and sits in a file cabinet with the “other things I wrote in high school.”

Needless to say, I felt like I had gotten my money’s worth when I realized I had a child who could not only complete a novel, but could offer constructive criticism and helpful analysis of others’ ideas as well.

This class did more for her than give her a credit for her high school transcript. It gave her TOOLS to be able to use her gifts to tell her stories. It taught her what to look for in quality literature (she says she’s a book snob now, like tasting fine foods… once you read a great book, it’s hard to be satisfied with a plain, ordinary one).

And I’m blown away by the fact that with this curriculum (and the curriculum license number you get) my daughter can STILL get online and dialogue with Mr. Schwabauer about her ideas and get his input, even though she took this class a year ago! She has met some of the most wonderful young writers world-wide through the One Year Adventure Novel Student Forum. These are also high school students who have a lot in common beginning with an interest in writing, so the students seem to really enjoy discussions on the forum. They are able to share their ideas and receive help on their novels! It really is impressive!

I highly recommend the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum—I think it’s worth the money! Daniel Schwabauer keeps it interesting, does all the teaching, and is available to help the student online… There’s not a better deal out there for creative writing or novel writing that compares with what One Year Adventure Novel offers!

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Review by Joy Miller of

We found a creative writing curriculum that has inspired our kids.

Last year Jaden and Jerah both took a writing class from another homeschool mom…. At the time, Jerah already enjoyed writing, but Jaden changed from hating writing to developing a real love for it as a direct result of the class. I was so excited to see both of them so eager to write!

So this school year I looked for a curriculum that would help them develop their writing skills—and I found one that has more than exceeded my expectations.

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Review by an English Teacher

Wow! This series is completely amazing, and the kids are learning so much!  This morning, one student said, “Mrs. Hill, you have just ruined all movies for me. I can’t watch anything anymore without analyzing everything the characters are doing and why they’re suffering and the story goal and the author’s intent!” Then a bunch of others were all like, “Yeah! Me too!”

I just smiled and thought, “They’re learning!”

Later I graded their workbooks that have their novels so far—plot lines and plans. They sound great—way better than you would expect from 10th graders, probably because there is such specific instruction about how to develop each character, how to build suspense, etc. Even students who struggle to write couldn’t wait to get them back with my comments about their story. In fact, [one student] said he comes home every day, and it’s the first thing he wants to work on!

I’m very impressed with the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.

– Tyler Hill, English teacher

Review on Eclectic Homeschool Online by Jean Hall

Mr. Schwabauer knows his subject, and what’s more, he communicates his passion for writing in a contagious manner. He connects with his students in a meaningful way, but serious work is going on. He is a competent teacher, an engaging lecturer, a thoughtful guide. He’ll lead your student through the steps of character development, voice, setting, plot, conflict, dialogue, resolution—just to toss out a few of the terms.

…only your student won’t just be learning these terms while analyzing others’ works, but writing an original work!

One Year Adventure Novel can be used to supplement any high school English course, but it can also stand on its own as a complete English course for one year of high school credit. It’s my opinion, having gone through the materials, that your student will have not only an original, well-thought-out, carefully crafted novel to show for the effort, but also a deeper understanding of how literature is put together, and a deeper appreciation of classic literature, after finishing this course.

I give this course high marks.

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Review by Cathy Duffy of Cathy Duffy Reviews

When I first heard about One Year Adventure Novel, I have to admit that I was skeptical about it. However, I have heard from many parents who have used it very successfully and were very pleased with it. After reviewing it for myself, I can see why.

The One Year Adventure Novel provides surprisingly comprehensive instruction with loads of examples of excellent storytelling in both written and video formats. While it is written for teens, adults who have always wanted to write their own adventure novel should also find it valuable.

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Review by a Mom

I am glad I got the One Year Adventure Novel for my 17 yr. old daughter. She decided to start this summer, and is thoroughly enjoying every aspect that the curriculum offers.

She is not only learning how to write better, but  gets personal input from the author and others who take this course. She has opportunity for additional writing adventures on the side as well as meeting peers with the same interests.

This program has challenged, and excited her like no others have in the past. She is writing like crazy and enjoying every minute of it! She has already made good friends along this journey, and wants to attend the One Year Adventure Novel‘s Summer Workshop—camp—next year.

My daughter’s only regret is not having started this program sooner. This fall she will start her senior year of high school and she is already wondering if she could possibly fit in their Other Worlds second module while attending college!

– Suzy S.

Review by a Student

My favorite home schooling experience had to be the day my One Year Adventure Novel curriculum arrived in the mail. Through “OYAN,” I achieved my dream of becoming a better writer, and I met other writers who are now my best friends. I can’t express just how life-changing OYAN has been, and I’ll be forever grateful for it.

– Jessie, in Tennessee

Review by a Mom of a Reluctant Writer

I just wanted to let you know that my 14-year-old son, who has been allergic to any kind of writing for YEARS, loves the One Year Adventure Novel. He loves the DVD portion and the specific questions in the workbook. He is very excited to write his first adventure novel, and has been writing in great detail in his workbook. I am astounded! I just sit back and let him drive on.

I will tell you that we have tried 6 writing curriculums and have dropped all six in the past 4 years. No curriculum ever made it past the second month. I knew my son was very creative, but he never was able to organize his thoughts and get them down on paper without being totally overwhelmed.  He would become bored quickly and he never seemed to be able to finish what he started.

So far not only has he not become bored, he actually looks forward to writing and is anxious to finish the novel. Again, I am amazed and I am thanking God for this answer to prayer!!
Singing your praises,

– J.B., in Illinois