The prospect of writing a whole novel can be daunting.

That’s why The One Year Adventure Novel—or, “OYAN” for short—is more than just a high school course to teach the techniques of writing an adventure story; it’s also a supportive creative community for young writers, all enthralled by the power of Story to change lives and history.

Not only are teens capable of writing a novel, they can do it connected to others, all over the world, who have embarked on the same journey.

A valid license includes access to:

creative writing community contests


Every year, we run a Student Novel Contest for our students. Any student under 20 who has a valid license and who finishes a novel that meets the course requirements can submit. It’s a great way for young writers to start sharing their writing. We sometimes offer other contests as well.
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Webinars are live, video-streamed meetings where “Mr. S.” discusses topics related to the course or to writing in general. Students can use the chat messaging feature to interact and ask questions. We offer two webinars per month, August–May.
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Learn from others in community webinars
Collaborate with other writers in our forum

Online Student Forum

Licensed students ages 13–19 may create (with parent permission, of course) an account on our online Student Forum where they can ask questions and give and receive peer feedback on their writing and ideas.

We personally validate every new account, confirming that each member is a legitimate One Year Adventure Novel student to enhance the safety of our forum environment.
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Writing Workshops

Every year we host week-long writing workshops: the Summer Workshop for ages 13+ and the Winter Workshop for ages 18+. Workshops are amazing fun, featuring sessions by authors, publishers, and agents; peer critique groups; and mentoring. There is a charge for these events, and a valid license is required.
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Summer and winter writing workshops
Improve your writing with story coaching

Story Coaching

Does your student—or their story—need a coach? Our online Story Coaches have years of experience writing novels and offering critiques with The One Year Adventure Novel.

This is an extra, paid service available only to students of the curriculum.
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Students Benefit from Community Support

Very few writers achieve their dreams without bringing other people into the process, to provide encouragement and feedback. We want your student to have more than a course—we want them to love being a writer.

Writing can be a lonely pursuit: most people write best when they are alone, or by carving out personal space within a crowd. It can be tough for creative young people to find friends who understand what it means to be a writer. The One Year Adventure Novel offers superb writing training as well as a long-term supportive community of likeminded creative writers.