We offer our One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) students a chance to win $300 by telling us their OYAN experience in a short video!

2016 Results

CONGRATS to our winners (attributed by their forum names)! (Click on the video titles to watch.)

1st – Dr. Elemis Pott, for her Video Entry (untitled)
2nd – Neonfrobbit, for “My Journey”
3rd – fantasy_writer_girl, for “Melodic Adventure”

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The submission deadline was May 31, 2016. Subscribe to the e-newsletter to receive the announcement when the next video contest opens!


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

FREE T-shirt to every entrant! (first 100 entrants)


1. Contest is open to any student with a valid One Year Adventure Novel license.

2. Entries must be an original work of your own creation. Any music or images used may not infringe on any copyright laws. (You do have permission to use the One Year Adventure Novel logo or a shot of any one or more of the book covers or DVD covers if you choose to do so.)

3. Entries must be 25–65 seconds long.high school video contest

4. Entries must address one (or more) of the following One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) themes:

“What I love about OYAN.”
“What OYAN taught me.
“How OYAN is unique.”
“How OYAN has impacted my writing.”

You may apply these themes to any aspect of the curriculum, including the Summer Workshop, or you may take a broader approach and address the curriculum as a whole.

NOTE: When referring to the curriculum in your video please use the words (whether spoken or written) “The One Year Adventure Novel” at least once. New people won’t understand the acronym “OYAN.”

5. Only one entry per curriculum license number will be accepted. Households with more than one license number (i.e., those with extra workbook licenses) may enter one video for each license number, provided each video has only one Primary Creator (the student who will receive credit for the entry).

6. Students may collaborate on entries, but only the Primary Creator under whose name the entry is submitted will receive credit and (potentially) a prize.

7. Entries must be submitted through the Contest Entry Form and per the submission guidelines. We no longer accept entries by email or by mail on a physical disc.

8. Video entries must not be posted online prior to us posting them online. After it appears on our channel you may post it on your own channel, website, Facebook, etc. Thanks!

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2016


To submit your video, please fill out the Contest Entry Form, and upload your video entry as an .mp4 file. We no longer accept entries by email or by mail on a physical disc.
No entry fee.

Submit Contest Entry Form

Questions & Answers

What are you looking for?
Creativity. Sincerity. Fun. Make us feel something. Remember that even short videos work best when they create emotion. So feel free to tell a story. That time you used The Compass textbook to stop a bullet in a bank robbery would make a great 60-second video! Or you can make your video more like a movie trailer. Or you can go the simple route and just look into the camera and speak from your heart.

We post every entry on our Vimeo channel, and often on Facebook. Our goal is to give future students a taste of what One Year Adventure Novel is. We feel the best way is to give them the broad perspective of dozens of real students. Sincerity can be funny or serious, fast or slow, high-tech or simple. In the end we will judge each entry based on how much we like it.

Can my video go over the time limit by a teeny little bit? Pretty please?
Sorry, but no. We can’t accept videos that are longer or shorter than the time frame stated in the rules.

What T-shirt is being given away? The prize T-shirt will be a writing or OYAN related design by Mrs. S. and is sure to please.


By entering the contest you agree to give us the right to use your video. Our intention is to post some or all of the videos on the Internet (OneYearNovel.com, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). You are more than welcome to post your video on your own YouTube or Facebook account, etc., but we ask that you please refrain from doing so until after the contest winners have been announced. Thanks!

Past Contest Results

2014 Winners

Students’ forum names are used.

1st place: Might4Right for “Extraordinary”Watch video »
2nd place: ShockyWatch video »
3rd place: Psalm118Watch video »

Honorable Mentions

Kancala What’sherface
~Me Music=Life
Gunstrav Valinstar
R.D. Clemens
Bloke Landson

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2013 Winners

Students’ forum names are used.

1st place: Tank for “Ninja Storm”Watch video »
2nd place: Sir PenMaster for “What’s Your Story”Watch video »
3rd place: Fiddle Guitarist for “So You Think You Can Write?” Watch video »

Honorable Mentions

King’s Compass
Gunstrav Valinstar
Rainbow Unicorn

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2012 Winners

Watch all entries on Vimeo