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In the Shadow of the Shadow

Thanks to faithful OYAN dad Jeff Miller and his cool blog, I now have a new sidebar gadget that shows the progress of my various novel projects.

These progress bars are great because they add two things to my writing day: public accountability and a sense of personal satisfaction. Long projects like novels require a ton of self-discipline to complete. Anything that simultaneously prods me to write (“Everyone will think I’m a slacker if I don’t write today!”) and rewards me for doing so (“I’m not a slacker! I wrote today!”) is worth looking at.

Mr. Miller has graciously allowed us to make the code available to you, our readers, as well. If you have a WordPress blog and want to join me in public writing accountability, get the code for these progress bars here »

(Comment on this post to let me know you’re in this with me!)

The next two Tira-Nor books are slated for publication in 2014 (Runt the Hunted has a pub date of April 11, 2014, and The Curse of the Seer should be available in fall 2014.) So what am I working on now?

My work-in-progress is a YA science-fantasy. Since the idea doesn’t fit neatly in any defined genre, I am dubbing this story a “swordpunk” novel. Swordpunk is like steampunk except that the separation of culture and technology is much wider. Rather than victorian settings with industrial technologies, swordpunk juxtaposes medieval or renaissance settings with futuristic technologies. Justifying the coexistence of these elements is obviously what makes the genre tricky. (We’ll find out in six months or so if I can do it.)

My working title for the new book is In the Shadow of the Wise. I’m hoping to have the rough draft finished by the end of the year, though March 1 is probably a more realistic deadline.

Over the next few months I’ll offer a series of posts about the writing of this book and what it has taught me.

Meanwhile, thanks to those fantastic, fiendish little bars on the right, you can track my progress and throw encouragement—or tomatoes—as needed.

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  1. Jeff Miller

    Sweet! I’m glad to see it up and running.

    Now the only problem is you linked to my blog, so that means I need to actually write a post or something… 😉

    1. Daniel Schwabauer

      Or finish a book! :)

      1. Jeff Miller

        Oh sure, pile on the pressure!

  2. Anna Sharon

    thank you so much, Mr S! I will definitely be adding this to my blog.

    I am also so excited to follow your progress on The Shadow of the Wise. Thanks for all you do :)

    1. Daniel Schwabauer

      Thanks, Anna!

  3. Pippin

    YES!!!! The book is now officially official! I CAN’T WAIT to read it!!

    And do you know if these word count side bars are available for Blogger?

    ~ Pippin/Sarah

    1. Daniel Schwabauer

      Thanks, Sarah. Yes, I’m told the progress bars can be used with blogger with a little tweaking.

      1. Pippin, I posted a link to do progress bars on the topic an OYANer provided in GWD.

        ~ Anonymous Psuedonym

  4. Joy Hartshorn

    Thanks Mr. S!

    I’m joining you on this for sure. My blog is on blogger, and I’ve found that the widget still works on it! I just had to make sure that I pasted it on the html and not text part. Thanks so much for sharing this, and I can’t wait to hear more about your next book!

    Joy H.

    1. Daniel Schwabauer

      Thanks for the encouragement and your tip about incorporating the bars.

  5. I’m in! The progress bar is up… And totally empty. FOR THE MOMENT. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Mr. S!

  6. narniahannah

    Ah! This is a brilliant idea! I will definitely be joining you in this! 😀 Whenever I’ve done NaNoWriMo, I’ve always been slightly obsessed with updating my word count and seeing the little progress bar go up. Makes me feel accomplished. XD

    I’m really really excited for The Shadow of the Wise, as well as Curse of the Seer!!
    And swordpunk sounds like an amazing genre. @.@ *flail* *must avoid plot bunnies* XP

    1. Daniel Schwabauer

      Thanks, Hannah! :)

  7. Lithia

    I’m SO excited for the releases of your next books. And the new genre sounds amazing. @_@ Go Mr S!

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  9. Shanna Learned

    This is such a cool idea! Thank you, Mr. S!!!!!!!!

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