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One Year Novel
Benefits Include

Write a novel in one year!

• Taught by an award-winning novelist.

• No prep work required; class is taught for you on DVD.

• Biblical worldview.

• 78 lessons, (3 per week for 26 weeks) inspire creativity and build understanding about what stories are and how they work.

• Study classic adventure stories.

• Compelling questions help your student find creative solutions.

Students learn and understand:

• Classical story structure.

• The five elements of every great story, as well as:

• Characterization, plot, setting, theme, and conflict (but in ways that are fun and exciting).

• By creating, not just analyzing; by emphasizing practical application over theory.

• How to interpret stories. They'll never read a book, see a play or watch a movie the same way again.

Understanding builds confidence.

Guided practice is much more effective than trial-and-error.

Shave years off the process of development as a writer by learning Story.

A homeschool writing curriculum package taught for you on DVD including a high-quality textbook, workbook and companion materials.

“I have fallen in love! Yes, it's true! I have fallen in love with a writing curriculum... an amazing one year writing course for high school.”
Meredith in Lake Mary, FL
“I would like to say thank you so much for writing the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. It is exactly what I have been wanting and needing and praying for. It's an amazing program.”
O.Y.A.N. Student

A Writing Curriculum Students and Teachers Love!

“All I can say is...WOW! Never have I seen a more in-depth, engaging, challenging and altogether FUN writing curriculum than this one.” - Denise in Lynnwood, WA

“fantastic...I wish my high school teacher had used the One Year Adventure Novel.” - Heather in Lindsay, OK

“amazing, exciting, creative, enriching, well-organized, inspiring, wonderful” - Regina in Wadsworth, OH

Some students love to write, but need individualized guidance to achieve their full potential as writers. Do your students love to write stories, but struggle to make those stories really good (and not just good-considering-his-or-her-age)?

Some students hate to write, but love to tell stories. They can say the story, they just can't seem to put words on paper.

Some students write only when they have to. Do your students look at writing as a drudgery that requires perfection?

The problem in all three cases may be that we've emphasized the mechanics of writing so much we've lost sight of the purpose of writing. Yes, mechanics are important. But they're not important for their own sake. They're important because they make understanding easier. You don't write a letter in order to punctuate. You punctuate in order to make the meaning of your letter plain.

Mechanics - grammar and punctuation and spelling - all aid in clarity, but they aren't the point of writing. The point of writing is almost always telling a story.

Unfortunately, most English courses don't teach Story. They don't teach what a story is, or why it is, or how it works. Instead, they teach mechanics, because mechanics are concrete and easily identifiable. It's easy to spot a spelling error, but not so easy to spot solutions to problems with fiction.

What if your class could spend one school year learning from an award-winning novelist, learning step-by-step what a story is, how to create one, and how to shape an original story into a readable novel?

The One Year Adventure Novel Writing Curriculum guides students (grades 8-12) through the process of writing a novel over the course of one school year.

> Get a closer look at the curriculum here. >

Get a FREE Demo DVD

free DVDReceive a free One Year Adventure Novel demo disc with sample lessons and details about how the high school writing curriculum works.

DVD Request page.

"engages the student in a way that I have not ever seen in any other writing program."
Jennifer in Palmdale, CA

"Here's one of my favorite things about this program: while being absolutely sufficient as a senior high English credit, it also has a secondary level of education going on which is much more philosophical and yet true, true, true . . . the importance and power of story itself."
Misty in Green Cove Springs, FL

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